Zoning proposals discussed in Greater Hilltop Area Commission


By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

Two new zoning applications came before the Greater Hilltop Area Commission in January.
Attorney Jill Tangeman with Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease presented the zoning changes for Alkire Woods single family subdivision and Brookfield apartments.

The area was originally developed as a single-family residential subdivision. In 2009, the property was rezoned to allow for a single-family residential subdivision and a multi-family apartment complex. Her client is now seeking to rezone the property into two subareas. Subarea one will remain a single-family residential subdivision. Subarea two will remain Brookfield apartments with two additional multi-family buildings.

“It looks a little bit different than what we showed the zoning committee,” said Tangeman. “We didn’t change anything about the site plan. We just retitled them. We had it originally divided up into three subareas. After talking with the city, the two new multi-family buildings that we’re proposing will be part of the existing Brookfield apartments.”

The multi-family homes will share utilities with Brookfield apartments.

There will still be a one-acre open space. The proposed trees will still be installed. The existing fence will be repaired and extended around the property. Other maintenance issues will be addressed.

“The single-family part of the development is owned individually but controlled by the Alkire Woods Homeowners Association; the apartments and proposed multi-family buildings will be owned by the same entity, but there is a set of restrictions between the two that has shared costs to roadway responsibilities and other things, but the are two separately owned projects and that’s the way it is today,” said Tangeman.

Because the property is within the Columbus zoning ordinance, Columbus zoning enforcement will follow up on any zoning concerns.

The rezoning application was approved.

The property at 2456 West Broad St. is the subject of a council variance. Attorney Jeff Brown, of Smith and Hale, seeks a variance to allow single unit residential to be added to the zoning.

The original historic house was a single family dwelling and is currently listed on the auditor’s website as a multi-family residence. The city has it listed as a church.

The property is currently zoned C-4, which means intense commercial, according to zoning committee chairman Patrick Barnacle.

“You can have a bar, you can have a Cabaret, you can have a used car dealership (on C-4 zoned property),” said Barnacle.

The owner, Degas Real Estate Solutions, LLC, would like to sell the property as a single-family residence. To secure a mortgage, single-family residential must be added to the zoning.

Barnacle has received multiple emails from residents in the area opposing single-family residence to the zoning.

Geoffrey Phillips, president of the Highland West Civic Association, addressed the commission with complaints and cautions about allowing single-family residence to be added to the zoning of the property.

“This property has been in front of this body before as a treatment facility and as a place for folks in treatment to live as a rooming house. Both were rejected and subsequently withdrawn,” said Phillips. “Now, all of a sudden, this property is back. When it originally had allowance for a residential use unspecified in a commercial area, we were told there was a hardship placed on a buyer to secure a mortgage on the property. The truth is, this is a four-unit apartment dwelling.”

Brown said, “All we’re asking for is a use that the building was originally built for in the C-4 district. If you want to put some conditions in terms of not having apartments above it or on the first floor, I have no problem with that. My client is asking to have the right to use it as a single-family dwelling. That’s all we’re asking.”

The variance was sent back to the zoning committee.



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