Work being done on Groveport’s water wells

Rick Palsgrove

Southeast Editior

Well shaft maintenance and well pump/motor renovation is being done at the city of Groveport’s water well site in Cruiser Park.

“For both wells, the well screens and pumps are being cleaned and inspected,” said Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst. “Downhole video inspection is undertaken before and after. The well shaft screens are cleaned and disinfected, which is a normal routine during cleaning. Pumps will be renovated and adjusted to work more efficiently with the new water treatment plant and motors will be replaced. Well shaft, pump, and motor maintenance is a routine activity and is conducted when needed.”

Farst said the cost for the work varies.

“The contract is with HD Water Services, with budget of about $49,000,” said Farst.

Farst said officials hope to see work on the north well completed the week of Dec. 19 and the south well by early January.

“One well will be in production while the other is shut down for the maintenance work,” said Farst. “The work on the second well is not started until the first well maintenance is completed.”

Farst said no interruption of water supply service is anticipated during the work. He added that the water quality will not be adversely affected by the work.

“The wells are providing raw water that is sent down the street to the water treatment plant for treatment,” said Farst.  “The treatment plant will continue to produce a reliable supply of safe water during well maintenance.”

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