WJ mulls trash contract

West Jefferson is nearing the end of its contract with Waste Management, the entity responsible for the community’s trash pick-up. Village officials are seeking a lower-priced alternative for future removal, hoping that competition will drive the price down, at least initially, said Public Service Director Harold Walker.

“There are a couple of companies that are interested in coming here,” Walker said. “It’s a gamble.”

Though the village intends to enlist the services of an alternative waste removal company, it may renew its contract with Waste Management if a lower offer for the service is not found.

“We could extend the contract one more year and see what price they give us,” Walker said. “We’re looking at this now so that it doesn’t become a last-minute issue.”

The contract with Waste Management expires at the end of July, leaving several months before a final decision is necessary.

Collections will still include curbside recycling.

In other news, village council members insisted that efforts to attract a grocery store to West Jefferson are not on hiatus.

“It’s definitely not a dead issue,” said Council President Darlene Steele in response to a citizen’s inquiry at the April 21 council meeting.

The village continues to collect infor-mation on whether a grocery store can survive and profit in the area, and hopes to coax existing stores to relocate to West Jefferson.

“It’s something we’re continuously working on,” said Mayor Scott Hockenbery. “There’s been a lot of activity recently, but nothing for sure. People have done studies to see if it’s feasible to move here.”

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