WJ mayor submits budget idea

As required by West Jefferson law, Mayor Scott Hockenbery delivered the 2009 budget proposal to council by the first council meeting in November.

It is now up to council to approve the budget by the end of the year, a process council planned to start on Nov. 5 with a budget committee meeting. The proposed budget is the first to use a new accounting system that Hockenbery says will increase accountability and more clearly show where village money is being spent.

Hockenbery announced that an engineering flaw will push completion of construction at the water treatment plant to the first part of next year. That still meets the original projected completion date; the village had just hoped it would be done earlier, he said. The actual conversion to a reverse osmosis purification system will “happen any day now,” he added.

Councilman Jim King said he has received complaints about a resident’s car parked on Crescent Drive near Kirkwood Drive. The car leaks oil, King said, and it has left oil stains in several spots on the road where the owner usually parks.

“I go to McDonald’s every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and people stop me every time and complain about the car,” King said.

“[The resident] has received a letter asking him to clean up,” Hockenbery said. “Whether he follows that, we’ll soon find out.”

Hockenbery announced that trick-or-treat night went well.

“I received several positive comments about moving [trick-or-treat] back to six o’clock,” he said, adding that the “Gazeboo” Halloween party was well attended, despite ending early due to the cold and competing with an Ohio State University football game. According to Hockenbery, around 80 people attended.

“The library was happy with the turnout. I think it’s something they want to continue.”

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