Winter has been a challenge for Truro Township

By Tara Figurski

Staff Writer

Truro Township workers have been battling this harsh winter of greater than average snowfall and bitter cold temperatures.

“Keeping up with the amount and frequency of the snowfall has been a challenge not just for Truro Township but all municipalities in the state of Ohio and the Midwest,” said Truro Township road and cemetery superintendent Stan Knoderer.

One of the biggest challenges, Knoderer said, has been trying to stay on budget. The township purchases salt from the city of Reynoldsburg.

“We have an annual budget of $3,000 for salt,” said Truro Township Administrator Jason Nicodemus. “Our superintendent has worked diligently during this hard winter to make our streets safe for the public.”

The $3,000 buys about 50 tons of salt. As of Feb. 11, 96 tons of salt had been used on the township’s 3.69 miles of road, Knoderer said. The township also salts and plows the village of Brice and its two fire stations, Nicodemus said.

Nicodemus said there are funds available in the township’s carryover reserve when additional funding is needed to supplement the salt budget line.

The township has not received its bill for salt from the city of Reynoldsburg yet. However, since the township has exhausted its salt budget, township administrative officials will have to ask the trustees for additional funding.

“We will have to go to the trustees and recommend an additional appropriation for the overage,” Nicodemus said.

Another concern for the township is a lack of manpower to clear snow filled streets. Knoderer is the sole person responsible for clearing snow from township streets, according to Nicodemus.

“Unfortunately our roads department is only one individual,” Nicodemus said. “So we have to watch the amount of time that he has spent behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

Knoderer said he is legally not allowed to drive for more than 16 hours at a time.

“So far I have been able to manage taking care of my responsibilities without exceeding my allotted time,” Knoderer said.

With the extremely cold temperatures, potholes are another issue that Knoderer is dealing with.

“It is a concern,” Knoderer said. “We are experiencing potholes. After each feeze and thaw, with the contraction and expansion of the ground, we will certainly see more of them pop up.”

Knoderer said he relies on a cold patch asphalt kit you can purchase from big box retail stores to patch the holes. However, if the potholes get too bad, the township can purchase the repair kits by the ton, he said.

“So far because half of our roads were resurfaced four years ago, those roads are still in good condition,” Knoderer said.

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