Will zombies invade Obetz?

Photo courtesy of DangerCase Productions
An actor shows off his zombie skills as part of film that could shoot scenes in Obetz.

Cinematic zombies won’t be wandering the streets of Groveport, but they might find a home in Obetz.

John Case, executive producer for DangerCase Productions, LLC, said he hopes to film scenes for the movie, "Book of the Dead: Necromancer" in Obetz in September. "Obetz (officials) could help by providing police and closing off some streets. We’re working on the details, but nothing’s guaranteed yet."

Case believes Obetz officials are supportive of the idea to film the movie in their town.

However, Obetz officials could not be reached for comment.

Case said (pending approval from Obetz officials) that he hopes to shoot 80 minutes of the 93 minute independent film in Obetz possibly on Sept. 15 as well as on Sept. 22-23. He said some footage for the film was shot earlier in Sunbury.

Case approached Obetz about filming there after he received a lukewarm reception from Groveport officials to the idea of making his film in Groveport. Groveport Village Council members, at their Aug. 20 meeting, appeared wary of the content of the film.

Case describes "Book of the Dead: Necromancer" as a "zombie comedy." He also noted there is no nudity in the film as any such scenes were removed from the script.

Film features the "Dead Body Guy"

"Book of the Dead" will feature famed "Dead Body Guy" Chuck Lamb.

According to Case, Lamb found the easiest way to get into acting was to portray dead bodies in films. Lamb became so good at it that he worked frequently as an actor specializing in being "a dead body." Lamb has now expanded his acting to include being "alive" on film.

Communities and independent films

Case said it’s important for communities to back independent films.

"Independent films are hard to get made without community support," said Case. "A lot of good films come from independent filmmakers."

Case said large movie studios lack originality and produce cookie cutter films.

"Just this summer there were a dozen sequels made by the big studios and they mostly received bad reviews," said Case.

He said independent films strive for quality and to be different.

"Independent filmmakers are more passionate about the work itself," said Case. "The only thing major movie studios care about is money. An independent filmmaker puts more into the work and has more at stake in it. An independent filmmaker will often be the writer, director, producer, and even work the lights some times."

Case said the filmmakers are looking for small businesses to help sponsor the movie.

"We have also created an ‘Army of the Dead’ mailing list where people can sign up for updates on the movie as well as being a zombie extra for the film," said Case.

For information on "The Book of the Dead: Necromancer" visit the Web site at www.botdmovie.com.

About "Book of the Dead: Necromancer"

•According to DangerCase Productions Executive Producer John Case, this 93 minute film is a zombie comedy, which would be rated "R" for gore and language.

•The filmmakers are seeking out people who want to be zombies to perform as extras, as well as students who could learn movie production skills. Up to 150 extras are needed for one scene alone.

•For information on the film or to find out how to be an extra or help out, visit the Web site at www.botdmovie.com

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