The magic sets him free

(Posted Feb. 10, 2020)

By Jeff Pfeil, Staff Photographer

Michael Griffin, an escape artist featured on “America’s Got Talent,” entertained visitors on Feb. 5 during Family STEM Night at Hurt-Battelle-Memorial Library in West Jefferson. Themes for STEM Night activities revolve around science, technology, engineering and math. For details about upcoming library events, visit The library is located at 270 Lilly Chapel Rd., West Jefferson, and can be reached at (614) 879-8448.

Lena Darlington lights a fire that burns up a key to a set of handcuffs that once belonged to Harry Houdini. Griffin then proceeded to get himself loose from the handcuffs without a key.
Audience member Zoe Smith helps Griffin with a “Where is the ball?” trick.
The audience sports amazed smiles as Griffin performs a magic trick in which he moves colored ribbons to different positions.
Audience member Adam Smith (right) locks a set of wrist chains from which Griffin escaped, wowing the crowd.
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