Who will care for cemetery? Truro or Columbus?

Responsibility for an family cemetery in Truro Township is under dispute following questions raised by a resident to Franklin County Environmental Court Judge Harlan Hale.

Truro Township Road Superintendent Stan Knoderer told the Truro Township trustees, at their Aug. 5 meeting, he was contacted by Linda Good, who lives adjacent to the Powell Methodist Cemetery, and claims Hale said the township is responsible for upkeep of the small cemetery. By collecting data from tax records and the Ohio Revised Code, Knoderer reported information indicates the land was annexed by Columbus.

"Her (Good’s) wishes, along with the Powell family, are for Truro Township to assume care of the cemetery," said Knoderer. "We do not, at this time, see any indication it is in the Truro Township jurisdiction. At this point in time, we’re trying to be a goodwill ambassador and assure her if it is Truro Township’s responsibility, we’ll be cooperative."

According to graveaddition.com, the Refugee Road cemetery, located east of old Brice Road in Columbus, was in operation between 1845 and 1915. Several Civil War veterans are buried in the cemetery. Most of the headstones are broken and stacked throughout the site, but only a handful are still standing. A housing development surrounds the cemetery.

Knoderer also informed trustees he was contacted by Marion resident Richard Spracklen, who wants permission to bury the cremated remains of a distant relative in the Silent Home Cemetery.

"He is unable to produce a Certificate of Cremation, but given the fact that a memorial is already in place for the family member, I told him that the trustees would be cooperative if he can produce a death certificate," said Knoderer.

Other Truro Township news

•A central Ohio company is conducting a survey of Chatterton Road, from Noe-Bixby to Gender Road, in preparation for installation of 24" and 30" transmission water line next year. Knoderer said he was asked if there were any know underground obstacles, but he informed trustees he was unaware of any impediments for the 2009 project.

"I asked them to send the plans to the fire department because that stretch of Chatterton will be closed for some time," continued Knoderer.

•Atrio of part-time firefighters were sworn in by Trustee Dennis Nicodemus. Todd Poole, Joey Starling, and Bradley Karnes joined the Truro Fire Department and are already on duty.

"You joined a pretty good group," said Nicodemus following the brief ceremony. "We’re proud of them."

Truro Fire Chief Jerry Foltz told the trustees he is working on a letter advertising for more part-time firefighters. He said the application period will be short and applications kept on file for a year. Foltz also said the department is still working with a bank on a release agreement to burn a house located on the former C. V. Perry condominium site on State Route 256.

"They had some trouble with the title, but that has been remedied," reported Foltz. "We have the paperwork ready for the EPA and all other required criteria has been finished."  

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