Whitehalls school dress code attire modeled

 Messenger photos by Dianne Garrett

Whitehall Yearling High School students Kyle Jefferson and Nick Potter model  acceptable attire for the 2008/2009 school year when a uniform policy will take effect.  Students from the high school and Rosemore Middle School participated in a style show on May 27 for fellow students and parents.  Their selections are from Ohio Select in Reynoldsburg.

Whitehall Yearling High School was the scene of an energetic style show on May 27.  But the models were not highly paid super- models.  

They were students demonstrating what will be acceptable campus wear for the 2008-2009 school year when they must comply with the district’s new uniform dress code.  The high school and Rosemore Middle School will be affected.

High school Principal Dondra Maney opened the show by sharing that students have been pleasantly surprised what they can do with three basic colors.  

"I believe all students are excited about the change, and I saw pride in some who are modeling tonight," she said.   

Maney pointed out that this was a decision by the school board, and she agrees that it will promote a serious atmosphere for learning, promote campus safety and security, give a sense of school spirit and community, and improve relations by decreasing conflicts over clothing between students, staff and parents.

She noted that anyone who shows up in unapproved apparel will be readily spotted, and immediately approached.  It will send  a signal that a student not complying, or someone is in the building who does not belong there.

Also unacceptable will be bad grooming, tattered, torn or soiled clothing, according to Rosemore Principal Mark Trace.   

Rosemore Middle School student Alex Blumberg is modeling a shorts set that falls in line with the 2008/2009 uniform policy for Whitehall middle and high school students.  The eighth-grader chose black shorts with pleats in front.  It was purchased from Marshall’s.

A first violation will come with a warning to students and their guardians, and alternate clothing must be provided.  Repeat violations will result in detentions, suspensions and expulsion.   

Trace is hoping it does not come to the last two.  

"Class time missed due to a violation of this policy will be unexcused," said Trace.  

Only exceptions to the guidelines may be made by the principals for activities such as proms, physical education, dress-down days and other special events.  The decisions of the principal on dress code violations is final.  Administrators anticipate that it will probably take about two weeks to get everyone in compliance.

Clothing must fit, meaning no oversized or skin-tight garments.  Belts must be secured and fit at the waist.  Hair must be clean, out of the eyes and groomed at all times, no extreme or distracting hair color or makeup will be allowed.  Any special needs variations to the standard dress requirements must be approved by medical or IEP authorization.


A letter went out to the parents on May 27 notifying parents whose children qualify for federally approved free and reduced-price lunches may obtain financial assistance in the form of a voucher for the required campus wear.  The district will be  using the free and reduced lunch application form to determine eligibility for uniform assistance.  

Proper validation of income and food stamp eligibility will be required.  The applications will be distributed to students in grades 5-11 during the week of June 2.  Additional applications will be available from the building secretaries and at the administration office.


The guidelines for permitted attire follows:

•Pants – Docker or dress type; standard front and back pockets only; cotton, twill or corduroy.  NO denim, sweat, velour or wind pant material in solid tan or black.

•Shorts – Same as the pants, except they must be touching the knee.

•Skirts/Skorts/Jumpers – Straight or pleated, cotton, twill or corduroy; NO denim, sweat, velour or wind pant material, must be touching knee, have no slits in solid tan or black.

•Shirts – All shirts must have a collar and sleeves.  Collared shirts should have two or three buttons at the neck, only the top button may be left unbuttoned.  Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks may be worn.  Shirts must be tucked in, and in solid gray, white or black.

•Sweaters – V-neck, crew neck, cardigan or vests in solid gray, white or black. Sweaters must be worn over a collard top which is tucked in.

•Sweatshirts – Crew necks in solid gray, white or black; may not be oversized or hoodies.

•Belts – Must be worn with pants or skirts that have belt loops, and can only be solid black or brown.

•Shoes – Must be worn and may not present a safety hazard, no flip flops or slippers, heels may not be more than two inches.  Must be white, black or brown and shoe laces have to match the shoe color.

The campus wear may be purchased at Kohl’s, Macy’s, Ohio Select at 7394 E. Main St. in Reynoldsburg, or School Days at 73 N. Stygler in Gahanna.

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