Whitehall looking at airport noise issues


During recent months, Whitehall Development Director Matt Shad has been attending a series of meetings regarding the study of the impact of noise from the proposed runway relocation at Port Columbus Airport.  

The Planning Advisory Committee has reviewed a series of recommendations regarding noise mitigation.

The new runway location and anticipated activity of flights at the airport will cause shifting in the current noise contours for the south runway.  The area affected is the rear of Kroger’s, Oasis and Byers Import properties, and north of the Whitehall Community Park activity building.

The base year is 2012. The proposal has no residential uses that will be impacted by the change.  Current zoning and land uses, such as industrial, commercial and public parks, are very compatible with future expansion of the airport.  Shad said that it will be important that the city not introduce housing opportunities within this area, which could create disgruntled residents and future conflicts with Port Columbus operations.

"There are several recommendations that the city may wish to consider, implementing above and beyond the proposed recommendations that would establish guidance to development policy decisions," Shad said.  

He added that the recommendations would be appropriate to consider for all properties north of Poth Road, including Community Park.

Public meetings regarding the recommendation of the Part 150 Noise Study will be presented August 14 from 5- 8 p.m. at Brentnell Elementary, 1207 Bretnell Avenue; and August 15 from 5- 8 p.m. at Whitehall Community Park, 420 N. Hamilton Road.

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