Whitehall faces bond issue

The Whitehall Board of Education met June 12 to officially adopt a resolution authorizing the district to participate in the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) Classroom Facilities Assistance Program this year.

Using the facilities assessment report of February 2007, they will now be able to develop a master plan.

The resolution states the district and the OSFC understand that the use of the report is for the purpose of developing an estimated project budget and scope, and that the potential for the existence of undocumented conditions that could increase the final cost of the project does exist.

After assessing all of the district’s buildings, the OSFC determined that Whitehall qualifies for  new buildings. The OSFC would pay 69 percent, and if residents vote to pass a bond, the remaining 31 percent would come through property taxes.

The board previously approved replacing all five buildings after input from community members, whose majority made it clear they are more comfortable with the familiar. Size of buildings will be determined by a five year enrollment projection.

A committee will be formed to interview possible construction managers, as well as formulating ballot language, which has to be submitted for the ballot by Aug. 15.  There will be two special meetings on July 31 and Aug. 11 at 6 p.m.  The Aug. 11 meeting will replace the regularly scheduled Aug. 14 meeting.

Other Whitehall school news

•The board approved acceptance of the donations received last month from the estate of Carol Snowden.  

The children’s librarian from the Whitehall branch of Columbus Metropolitan Library died in January, and bequeathed each Whitehall elementary school and Holy Spirit  $70,000 to enhance their  libraries.  

Member Ronda Howard called the gesture an amazing gift, saying, "She took care of all the children."  

Meloy shared that it was a total surprise received during a memorial service at the library. Snowden’s sisters personally presented the checks to Meloy.

•The board recognized athletic director, Mike Ferguson, who was named Ohio Athletic Director of the Year.  They also recognized Domenik Hixon who plays professional football with the New York Giants. Hixon not only played in the 2008 Super Bowl, but continues to give back to his community by organizing a football camp each year for Whitehall youth. Neither Ferguson or Hixon were available to attend the meeting, and will receive their honors at a later date.

•The board approved several one year limited teacher contracts and step increases, as well as a variety of continuing supplemental and extended contracts.

•Children of six non-resident employees were approved to attend Whitehall schools where their parents work or teach.  

Meloy offered, "It speaks highly of the district when that happens."


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