What to do about west Groveport Road?


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

An area business owner has asked city of Groveport officials to move up plans to make road and utilities improvements to Groveport Road west of State Route 317.

Groveport Law Director Kevin Shannon told Groveport City Council on Jan. 21 that the business owner is concerned about the amount of traffic and wear and tear on the road.

Shannon said it has been the city’s stance that west Groveport Road would be improved as development occurs in that area.

Road improvements are currently planned for nearby Toy Road. Also, a developer has presented plans to commercially develop 37 acres at 5770 Saltzgaber Road, which would include improvements to Saltzgaber Road as well as with Saltzgaber’s intersection with Groveport Road.

The west Groveport Road corridor west of State Route 317 is a mix of warehouses, small businesses, churches, and residences.

“Let’s let development occur along with the accompanying road improvements and see where it goes from there,” said Groveport City Councilman Ed Dildine. “It’s not like west Groveport Road is not on the radar.”

Added Councilwoman Becky Hutson, referring to the city’s Gateway Corridor Plan, “We already have a plan in place and I think we need to follow it.”

The Gateway Corridor Plan regarding the west Groveport Road corridor features two areas for redevelopment: Groveport Road from Swisher Road to State Route 317; and Saltzgaber Road from Groveport Road south to Toy Road. The 30 acre tract on the east side of Saltzgaber Road at Groveport Road is “one of the few remaining vacant parcels in the immediate area,” according to the Gateway Corridor Plan.

Groveport Development Director Jeff Green said council could add proposed improvements for west Groveport Road to the city’s Capital Improvement Plan.

“A project of this scope (west Groveport Road improvements) needs to be considered under the city’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan,” said Green. “Every year we prioritize the projects which are then brought before council for big picture consideration with all the other projects.”

Council directed city administration officials to add potential west Groveport Road improvements to the five-year Capital Improvement Plan for consideration.

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