What do you elected officials earn?

Just how much money do taxpayers pay their local elected officials?

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) recently released its 2007 Salary and Fringe Benefit Survey for central Ohio’s local governments. (The complete survey, which also includes salary figures for the various professional staff positions in local government, may be viewed at MORPC’s Web site at www.morpc.org)

Among Southeast area mayors, the Canal Winchester mayor receives the highest annual salary of $62,500. According to Canal Winchester Finance Director Nanisa Osborn, the Canal Winchester mayor’s salary will increase to $72,500 in 2008.

Next is Groveport’s part time mayor at $18,250 per year followed by Pickerington’s part time mayor at $12,000 annually.

Both Groveport (village administrator) and Pickerington (city manager) employ full time professional administrators to administer the day to day operations of their municipalities while Canal Winchester uses an elected mayor for these duties.

Groveport’s part time mayor makes over $6,000 per year more than Pickerington’s part time mayor, even though Groveport’s estimated population is at 5,207 while Pickerington’s is 14,220. Canal Winchester’s estimated population is 6,345.

Each of Groveport’s six village council members earns $3,000 per year while Pickerington’s seven council members garner $7,200 annually. Six of Canal Winchester’s seven council persons are paid 4,800 a year while the Canal Winchester council president is paid $5,300 per year.

Groveport council regularly meets twice a month and also holds a committee of the whole meeting monthly. Pickerington council and Canal Winchester council also regularly meet twice a month, but council members also attend various subcommittee meetings each month.

According to Madison Township Administrator Wayne Warner, the three elected Madison Township trustees are each paid $20,008 annually. The trustees regularly meet once a month. Warner stated their salary amount is set by state statute 505.24.

Among Southeast area school boards, Canal Winchester school board members earn $125 per meeting up to a maximum of 25 meetings per year. Pickerington school board members are paid $80 per meeting up to a maximum of 24 meetings per year. Current Groveport Madison school board members are compensated $80 per meeting. However, in 2008, newly elected Groveport Madison school board members will be paid $125 per meeting. Groveport Madison has no cap on the number of meetings it holds per year.

The area school boards regularly meet once a month, but occasionally meet more often depending on the circumstances.

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