Westland commissioners push for recreation center funding

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Priorities for Westland in the city’s annual capital budget were discussed at the March 15 meeting of the Westland Area Commissioners.

The commissioners compiled a list of five areas they would like to see included in the capital budget. First, they requested a recreation center in the area which they report that they have been requesting in Westland for numerous years.

“We are pretty consistent with number one on our list,” chairman Scott Taylor said.

Averi Townsend, a legislative analyst with Columbus City Council, asked if the commissioners would be receptive about the city providing money to the commission in order for them to lease a space to meet in until they get a recreation center in their area.

Townsend said that there are other commissions that also don’t have a place to meet and that providing money to lease a space could be a potential solution for the short term.

“We can look at some creative solutions to find something in a short amount of time,” Townsend said.

The commissioners also requested sidewalks and street lights, both fire and police substations, park land, and a permanent meeting place for the Westland Area Commissioners. The commissioners currently meet in the Auto Boutique on Georgesville Square Drive.

According to Townsend, after the budget is introduced, city council will schedule hearings in rapid succession.

Commissioner Janet Cahill said that it’s important for the commissioners to attend those hearings to try to get some of the Westland area priorities included in the budget.

“We need to rattle their cage ahead of time before it goes to the budget process,” Cahill said.

The proposed budget is anticipated to be introduced in May or June.

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