West Jefferson plans water well repairs

(Posted March 3, 2021)

By Josephine Birdsell, Staff Writer

West Jefferson village council appropriated $28,000 to repair a well at the village’s water plant located on Taylor Blair Road.

A faulty seal is letting rainwater and floodwater into the well, said John Mitchell, director of public service.

The village failed its last water test with the Environmental Protection Agency because rainwater and floodwater was bringing bacteria into the well, making the water unsafe for consumption. As a result, the village closed the well roughly two months ago.

The repair project will involve replacing the seal and top of the well to prevent contamination, Mitchell said.

Two other wells also are at risk of flooding. The village constructed dams to temporarily prevent flooding until the wells can be repaired.

“We can’t risk having two or three wells down at one time. We can manage with one down, but not with two or three,” Mitchell said.

The $28,000 needed for repairs will be taken from the village’s water fund. User fees and tap fees, paid by residents, pay into the water fund.

Repairs are set to start as soon as possible, Mitchell said.

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