West Jefferson creates new police dispatcher position

(Posted April 5, 2022)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

The village of West Jefferson has created a new position in the police department to help cover temporary staff vacancies.

On April 4, village council approved the creation of a full-time dispatcher position. The hiree will fill in for fellow dispatchers who are on vacation, sick leave, or who call off from work.

The position does not come with set shifts or set days off, but it does come with a guaranteed 32 hours per week and 80 percent of the village’s benefits package. If no fill-in work is needed in a given week, the hiree will work a regular shift(s) to meet the guaranteed hours.

The police department currently has four full-time dispatchers and four part-time dispatchers. The part-time dispatchers do not have set shifts or guaranteed hours. All part-timers currently on staff have full-time jobs elsewhere, so their availability to fill in is limited, said Police Chief Chris Floyd. When part-timers are not available, the department calls on full-timers to fill in which leads to overtime.

Floyd said the department will first offer the new position to current staff members. If there is no interest from current staff members, the job will be posted to the public. Pay will be based on previous experience.

The new position does not require an increase in the police budget, Floyd said.

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