West Jeff schedules leaf collection

(Posted Oct. 9, 2020)

The village of West Jefferson’s annual collection program will begin the week of Oct. 19 and end on Nov. 23. Leaves must be raked to the curb for collection by Nov. 20. Leaves raked to the curb later than Nov. 20 might not be collected.

Leaves should be raked to the curb or the edge of the street, not into the street or over stormwater inlets. If possible, leaf piles should be a maximum of 5 feet wide. If the leaf piles are larger, the vacuum will not reach the entire pile and the leaves will have to be raked closer to the edge of the street.

Parked cars must be parked at least 20 feet away from the leaf pile so the truck can access the leaf pile. If on-street parking is hindering collection of your leaves, contact Brian Farley at village hall, (614) 379-5247, for assistance.

Sticks, tree branches and grass clippings must be removed from the leaf piles because the debris clogs the vacuum hose and slows collection.

Leaf collection crews will have a truck working daily. The speed of collection program depends greatly on the weather; rain and snow slow collection. Each day, the crew will report to the village the general location of where they will be collecting and progress.

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