West Jeff pool passes cheaper this year for residents


(Posted May 6, 2014)

By Sandi Latimer, Staff Writer

This summer, West Jefferson residents will get a break on season passes at the municipal pool.

On May 5, village council approved decreases in single and family membership rates. The decision came with opposition.

The original proposal was to keep pool rates the same as last year and offer a $10 discount on all season memberships purchased by May 20.

“The parks and rec committee met and decided not to raise the rates,” said Councilman Jim King, committee chair.

Councilman Cory Coburn noted, however, that attendance and membership have declined in recent years and the village has had to subsidize pool operations.

“What do we have to do to increase interest in the pool?” Coburn asked. “I would like to adjust the rates to draw more people.”

He suggested lowering the single membership rate for residents from $150 to $120 and the family rate for residents from $190 to $170, and maintaining the $10 discount for season passes purchased by May 20.

The call for the amendment drew a 5-2 vote with council President Ron Garver and Councilman Doug Eakins voting “no.”

“The pool is already losing money and we’re subsidizing it,” Eakins said. “I don’t want to see us spending more money.”

Garver’s reason for voting in the negative was similar: “We’re spending a lot of taxpayers’ dollars every year to keep up the pool.”

Eakins changed over to the majority for the vote to approve the amended resolution, which garnered a 6-1 vote, with Garver continuing to vote against the rate change.

The amended resolution needed six votes to pass. Without six votes, the proposal would have been back up for a vote on May 19, giving residents little time to take advantage of the $10 discount by the May 20 deadline.

After the vote, King said, “If we’re going to lower the rates, maybe we can get more people there.”

The rate schedule is as follows:

• Single membership for residents, $120;

• Family membership for residents, $170;

• Single membership for non-residents, $200;

• Family memberships for non-residents, $250;

• Babysitter membership, $250 for one adult and up to five children under the age of 18. An additional $3 will be charged per person for staying after 4 p.m.;

• Children 3 to 5 daily rate, $3;

• Ages 6 to 59 daily rate, $6;

• Ages 60 and older, no charge;

• Daily rate after 5 p.m., $5.

The $10 discount applies to all season passes, resident or non-resident, purchased by May 20.

Village employees are eligible for a free season pass that covers two adults and five children.

The pool will be open May 24-26 for Memorial Day weekend, reopen on June 5 after school is out, then remain open daily until school resumes in August. Pool hours are noon to 8 p.m.

The pool can be rented for group activities two hours before opening or two hours after closing at a cost of $175 for the two-hour period.



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