West Jeff Middle School announces top student awards

(Posted May 26, 2022)

West Jefferson Middle School recently announced its top awards for students for the 2021-22 school year.

Sixth-grade students receiving top Presidential Academic Excellence are: Isaac Patterson, Khloe Lemon, Jauslynn Watkins, Jaxon Bare, Matthew Ware, Isabel Duffy, Brady Grener, Landen Koehler, Isabella Pantone, Aubrie Church, Allisa Mayberry and Sofia Darlington.

Seventh-grade students receiving top Presidential Academic Excellence are: Faelylnn Nilsson, Jenna Mannon, Logan Hart, Avery Friessen, Claire Pressnell, Colton Kincade, Jillian Mikulin, Ethan Roberts, Ella Hostetler, Tucker Phipps, Olive Wilson, Jaylen Poe, Russell Eberhardt, Owen Anderson and Cali Sheppard.

Eighth-grade students receiving top Presidential Academic Excellence are: Blake Toland, Payton Kincade, Megan Elfrink, Hailey McBrayer, Cydney Blanchard, William Workman, Kylie Dunn, Nancy Gantner, Hayden Lamoreaux, Angel Butcher, Julie Beatty, Jackson Beatty, Lacy Dunigan, Gavin Gale and Larissa Baldridge.

Eighth-grade students receiving Presidential Academic Achievement are: Ella Farrand, Ethan Friessen, Madelyn Carruthers, Kylah Blanchard, Shalynn Whittaker, Jada Bro, Annabelle Reeve, Grace Kronk, Holly Markley, Brett Bogenrife and Zoey Dehmann.

The Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award is designed to promote sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity. This year the awards were presented to Kylee Edwards and Jackson Beatty.

The NFHS Excellence Award was presented along with the Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award. This year the awards were presented to Hailey McBrayer and Jackson Beatty.

The Carol Bichler and Don Schiff awards are given to one outstanding eighth-grade male athlete and one outstanding female athlete. These students have above average athletic ability, participate in multiple sports, show leadership on and off the playing field or court, and exhibit a good attitude. This year’s award recipients are Payton Kincade and Austin Buescher.

Nancy Gantner received the Rae LeCompte Sprit Award for demonstrating outstanding school spirit.

The Virginia Mohr Math Award was presented to Kylie Dunn.

The Math Achievement Award was presented to William Workman.

The Ceora Bester Spelling Award was presented to Patrick Murphy.
The Language Arts Award was presented to: Hayden Lamoreaux.

The Gary Jainshig Science Award was presented to Briann Dehmann.

The Citizenship Award was presented to Nancy Gantner.

The Principal’s Award is given to an eighth-grade student who has demonstrated the most improvement as an all-around student during their middle school years, including social, emotional and academic development. This year’s recipient is Briann Dehmann.

This year’s nominations for the Leon Garrett award are Jackson Beatty, Julia Beatty, Austin Buescher, Angel Butcher, Kylie Dunn, Nancy Gantner, Hayden Lamoreaux, Hailey McBrayer, Blake Toland and Shalynn Whittaker. The recipient has demonstrated an above average grade point average, outstanding leadership, and involvement in community activities. This year’s award went to Nancy Gantner.

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