Was west of Broadway going to be Town of Beulah?

By James F. Hale
Southwest Franklin County Historical Society

Did Adam G. Grant intend to establish his own separate town located west of Broadway?
There is little real evidence to support such a claim, but an old abstract uncovered recently by Grove City Mayor Richard L. “Ike” Stage would seem to indicate the Town of Beulah was at least worth a mention on a legal document housed with the Auditor of State in Columbus, Ohio.

The abstract covers three tracts of land bounded today on the south by Grove City Road, the north at Grant Avenue and west of Broadway. It was all part of Survey Number 1388 of the Virginia Military District. The first tract covers 57 acres, a second tract is two acres and the smallest covers three-fourth of an acre.

William Foster Breck and his wife, Elizabeth Cambel (Cambell) Smith Breck, purchased the property in 1847, five years before Breck founded Grove City.

They purchased the land from Breck’s father-in-law, John Smith and his wife, Olive. Smith had purchased the property in 1838.

Much later, Grant purchased the property with the intent of selling lots and constructing homes for the growing community known today as the Beulah Addition. At the time Grant purchased the property, Grove City was located only on the east side of Broadway.

The land had originally been granted by the United States to officers and soldiers of the Virginia Line who served during the Revolutionary War.

Lieutenant Colonel William Washington, a second cousin to George Washington, in 1787 took possession of the land. The approximate 59 acres were only part of a 2,000 acre military warrant that had been deeded to Colonel Washington.

In 1883-1884, Grant began to purchase the land west of Broadway, known then as the Grove City Free Turnpike Road.

The first recorded mention of A. G. Grant’s Beulah Subdivision was in 1897 and two years later the first mention of the Town of Beulah is recorded. This plat of Grant’s Beulah Subdivision is dated around 1897 and covers 47.81 acres within an area identified as the Town of Beulah. That plat did not extend to Broadway instead stopping at the railroad tracks.

The abstract indicates Fannie and Herbert Baumann were likely the first persons to purchase lots in the Town of Beulah. They purchased two lots for $100 in 1889.

Numerous other mentions of the Town of Beulah are contained in the document. Another reference of the Town of Beulah is included in a Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Company indenture dated 1899.

The last mention of the Town of Beulah was in 1912. The first mention in the abstract that Grant’s Beulah Addition was located in the village of Grove City was in 1921.


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