Warner and Hall to lead West Jeff council in 2021

(Posted Jan. 6, 2021)

By Josephine Birdsell, Staff Writer

West Jefferson village council elected a council president and vice president for 2021 at their regularly scheduled meeting on Jan. 4.

Jen Warner will continue to serve as president. Warner has served as president since Steve Johnston stepped down from the position in August. Warner has served on council for three years, two of which she served as vice president.

In her time on council, Warner has tried to improve communication between the village government and the community.

“We’ve had question-and-answer sessions to get the people’s input, so we’re trying to gain communication and be more in touch with the people,” she said.

Linda Hall will serve as council vice president. Hall has served on council for two years.

In her time on council, Hall is most proud of council’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve gone over and above to protect people from COVID by placing necessary restrictions and holding to those,” she said.

Both Warner and Hall hope to continue building bonds with village residents as president and vice-president, respectively.

“What’s good for the people is good for the village,” Warner said.

“They know what they want. They live here,” Hall said.
Warner and Hall will serve in their elected positions until January 2022.

In other news, council considered design plans for a new housing development in the village.

Greenhaven Development proposed 118 residential properties on 27 acres along U.S. Route 142 between Garfield Avenue and Converse Avenue. The proposal included 97 single-family, two-story homes and 21 duplexes. The design plans also included 3.2 acres of recreational green space as a public park and 4.4 acres of open land.

Council denied the proposal.

“We listened to the people, and most people didn’t (want the development),” Warner said.

In other news, the village will hang a street sign in honor of Caleb Ferguson at the entrance to the village’s downtown area, following his world series victory as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2020 season. The sign will read “Home of Caleb Ferguson.”

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