Warm weather usually means increase in crime


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Spring begins the busy season for police with criminals taking advantage of warmer weather in residential and commercial areas throughout Canal Winchester.

“Spring and summer are always our busiest time of the year,” said Fairfield County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Forrest Cassel. “Thefts always increase during warmer weather and around holidays. Drug use and abuse pretty much stay the same throughout the year.”

Cassel said the majority of calls in the business districts are mainly shoplifting thefts, suspicious people and suspicious vehicles—usually drug related, robberies, lock outs, crashes, soliciting/panhandling, counterfeiting and vehicle break-ins.

In residential areas, deputies encounter domestic violence, car beak-ins, burglaries, crashes, suspicious people and suspicious vehicles—usually drug related, barking dog complaints, parking complaints and neighbor complaints.

“In general, the deputies spend more of their time handling calls in the business district corridors,” said Cassel.

He noted city call statistics are similar to other areas served by the sheriff’s department.

“Overall, the main concern is for the safety of the citizens of Canal Winchester and to protect their property,” said Cassel. “It is a balancing act patrolling both the business districts and residential areas. Our main concern is providing a safe community for all Canal Winchester residents.”

Cassel offered these safety tips for residents: notify the sheriff’s office to place your residence on a vacation check if you are going out of town; always lock all doors and windows; install an alarm system at your residence; discontinue your mail if on vacation; have lights set on timers; have a neighbor park a car in your driveway; and have a trusted neighbor or family member collect newspapers and any deliveries.

“Common sense and paying attention to your surroundings can keep you from becoming a victim,” said Cassel. “When shopping, park your car under a light if possible, always lock your vehicle and never store expensive property in vehicle where it can be seen. Place it in the trunk. Canal Winchester is a great place to live and the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office is proud to serve the community and its residents.”

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