Warehouse growth continues

By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Commercial growth in Groveport continues at a rapid pace as Groveport City Council recently approved more projects.

Saltzgaber Road development
Council approved the zoning and final plat for developing 37 acres at 5770 Saltzgaber Road.

According to the developer, Paul Hemmer Companies, plans for the site call for three lots at 5770 Saltzgaber Road that include: building a 247,500 square foot warehouse on the 15.5 acre lot 2 and a 240,500 square foot warehouse on the 16.4 acre lot 3. Lot 1, which is on 2.95 acres on the northernmost part of the property, will be set aside for future development, which could include: community facilities, recreation facilities, offices, retail sales, restaurants, shopping center, wholesalers, drive-in car wash, or residential.

Saltzgaber Road will be reconstructed into a three lane road with a 100 foot diameter bulb placed at the south end of the road to allow large vehicles to turn around. There will also be improvements at the intersection of Saltzgaber and Groveport roads. A 150 foot right turn lane and a 150 foot left turn lane would be constructed on eastbound Groveport Road. A 325 foot left turn lane will be installed on westbound Groveport Road at the intersection. A right turn only onto eastbound Groveport Road exit connection is proposed from the development site. These improvements would be paid for by the developer.

“We’re committed to $2.5 million in public improvements,” said Adam Hemmer of Paul Hemmer Companies.

Rohr Road/Alum Creek Drive
Council approved a final plat for Derik Leary and BSTP Midwest, LLC to build a fuel center and convenience store – potentially a Thornton’s – on approximately 32 acres at 2400 Rohr Road at the northeast corner of Alum Creek Drive and Rohr Road.

“They are proposing a fueling center with a convenience store and quick serve restaurant (on 10.37 acres of the property),” according to Groveport Building Official Stephen Moore.

The plan also shows two proposed warehouses on 20.42 acres at the north end of the site. One is proposed to be 157,500 square feet the other is proposed to be 195,000 square feet. No building has been proposed on the 1.43 acre retail outlot at this time.

According to a letter to Moore from BSTP Midwest, the proposed Thornton’s will be “their large format convenience store with an integrated quick service restaurant.” The letter states there would be 16 fueling positions for automobiles, eight commercial diesel fueling lanes, and a parking area.

Groveport Development Director Jeff Green said there is a 15 year property tax abatement on this property. He added he is not able to determine how much income tax revenue the city could expect from this type of development at this point.

Groveport City Engineer Steve Farst noted Franklin County and the city of Groveport are undertaking a “major roadway improvement” at the Rohr Road/Alum Creek Drive intersection that is expected to be constructed in 2020.

South Hamilton Road warehouses
Council approved a developer’s final plat to build two warehouses at 4450 and 4490 South Hamilton Road. One plat is for 20.9 acres and the other is for 23.5 acres.

The Pizzuti Companies plan to build the two warehouses on 44.4 acres at 4500 S. Hamilton Road. One warehouse would be 324,000 square feet and the other would be 252,000 square feet. Traffic going in and out of the development will use the traffic signal at South Hamilton Road (State Route 317) and Higgins Boulevard/Director’s Boulevard. Plans call for improvements to, and modernization of, that intersection.

Green said the properties have a 15 year property tax abatement.

Warehouse developments questioned
Groveport City Council President Shawn Cleary was the lone vote opposing the warehouse development on Saltzgaber Road and the final plat for the warehouses on South Hamilton Road.

“I’m concerned about the traffic issues involved and the volume of semi-trucks that will be on the roads,” said Cleary. “I’m also having issues with the increasing amount of warehouse developments in town.”

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