Wag! Fest fetches a big crowd

Icon goes for a disc during a demonstration by the Southern Ohio Flying K-9’s at Wag1 Fest.

(Posted Aug. 30, 2021)

By Dedra Cordle, Staff Writer

Wag! Fest, also known as the “coolest dog day ever,” made its return to the late-summer event schedule.

On Aug. 28, thousands of canines and their human companions travelled to the Darby Bend Lakes Area of Prairie Oaks Metro Park near West Jefferson for a day of dock diving, obstacle course learning, toy snatching, and shopping. All who could speak said they were excited for the event to be back.

In addition to fun activities, the event served as an educational outreach opportunity for local rescue shelter groups looking to link up potential adopters with animals searching for their forever homes.

Belle, a 6-year-old Golden retriever-Labrador mix, checks her surroundings for other canines looking to snatch her beloved frisbee.
Meg Rucker and her Great Dane, Ava, stop by the Humane Society of Madison County booth to have their picture taken. A representative for the organization said events like Wag! are a great way to spread the word about animals looking for homes.
Mila Mali, 5, decides she would rather not jump through hoops to get her photo taken.
(From left) Mount Sterling residents Shannon, Copper, and Nick Wisenbarger pose on the red carpet. Shannon said their 1-year-old Copper had a great time at his first Wag! Fest.
Radar, a 10-year-old Golden retriever mix, cools off in the Atlas Butler ice box, a popular destination for pooches looking to escape the heat.
Johnstown resident Stephanie Teshima offers encouragement as her dog, Yoshi, decides whether to take the plunge off the dock.
Shohei and his foster parent, Maurice Bustos, hang out at Wag! Fest. Shohei, an American pit bull terrier, is up for adoption through Adopt-a-Pit Rescue. Though Shohei has no function in his back legs as a result of a car accident, his foster parents say he has boundless energy to play and cuddle.
Doggies paddling.


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