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The Messenger distributed requests for information to all candidates who will appear on the Nov. 4 election ballot in Madison County. The information is printed below as it was received.

For more information about the election, call the Madison County Board of Elections at 740-852-9424.

• Don Elijah Eckhart
Address:  6445 Johnson Road, Galloway

Occupation:  Public administration with Ohio Legislative Service Commission, 1985-2004; Part-time management training instructor with The Ohio State University and Ohio University, 2005-2008.

Political experience:  I ran for the Ohio Senate (16th District) as an independent candidate in 2004. I received over 14,000 votes (8.8%), which demonstrated very good support for a first-time independent candidate.

Education/Military Experience:  Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Political Science from Capital University; currently enrolled in the Master of Christian Theology program at Ashland Theological Seminary.

What would you like to accomplish if elected?  First, here is what I will not do. I will not go to Washington just to get a big salary and plush benefits. Congress is ineffective. Its approval rating is only 14 percent. With my economic skills and ability to work with others, I will focus on the people’s needs.

 Tell us why you’re the best candidate for the position: I have the most experience and skills needed to resolve the problems facing our country. I have never taken money from lobbyists as the Republican and Democrat candidates have done. Therefore, I am not obligated to do favors for lobbyists. I believe in government for the people, not for lobbyists.

• Mary Jo Kilroy
Address:  271 E. State St., Columbus

Occupation:  Franklin County Commissioner, lawyer, mother.

Political experience:  Served for eight years on the Columbus school board; in 2000 was elected as Franklin County Commissioner; was President of the County Commission 2005-06

Education/Military Experience:  Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University and her J.D. from The Ohio State University.

What would you like to accomplish if elected?  I would work together with both Democrats and Republicans to come up with solutions to the tough problems that face our nation. I would increase domestic drilling while working towards the innovation and conservation we need to end our reliance on foreign oil. I would also be a strong advocate for affordable and accessible healthcare for all Americans.

 Tell us why you’re the best candidate for the position: I have spent my entire career working on behalf of Central Ohio families. I will bring that same commitment to Washington. I will work towards middle class tax cuts, an end to the war in Iraq and an end to the lobbyist influence in Washington that has caused our financial and healthcare crisis.

• Mark Michael Noble
Address:  723 Springs Drive, Columbus

Occupation:  Technical consultant with Quick Solutions, Inc.

Political experience:  Libertarian endorsed independent candidate for lieutenant governor of Ohio in 2006.

Education/Military Experience:  Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering from The Ohio State University in 2007.

What would you like to accomplish if elected?  I’ll work with both parties to reform Washington with bipartisan legislation proposed at I’ll fight for 100 percent tax credits for all education and health expenses, including insurance. I’ll work to balance the $53 trillion in unfunded government promises so our children aren’t stuck with debt.

 Tell us why you’re the best candidate for the position:  I understand the Constitutional limits of the legislative branch and will continue to fight for civil rights and equal protection under the law. My training as a software developer and engineer prepares me to evaluate complex situations and anticipate consequences to arrive at economically sound solutions balancing risks and benefits.

• Steve Stivers

Address:  211 S. 5th St., Columbus

Occupation:  State Senator, State of Ohio

Political experience:  Yes, State Senator in 2004 after being appointed in 2003.

Education/Military Experience:  B.A. from The Ohio State University (1989), MBA from The Ohio State University (1996). 23 years, Ohio Army National Guard, current rank Lt. Colonel

What would you like to accomplish if elected?  Strengthening our economy, creating good jobs at home and working together to find a solution to energy independence that includes domestic drilling as a bridge & funding source to invest in alternative energy sources.

 Tell us why you’re the best candidate for the position:  We need to work together across party lines to find common sense solutions to the problems we face. I am the only candidate with a proven track record of working with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to get things done.

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