Violet Township makes its own offer on annexation


The Violet Township trustees voiced unanimous support for a resolution of their version of an annexation agreement with the city of Pickerington.

At a special meeting Aug. 17, the trustees approved an expedited annexation of 3.3 acres on Wright Road west of Diley Road located at 10080 Wright Road.

According to information released by Violet Township officials, the annexation into the city of Pickerington is needed so that the land can be developed into an office park which would utilize city water and sewage services. Township officials also stated that the proposed development would bring increased revenues to the city, township and Pickerington Local Schools.

Recently, Pickerington City Council reviewed the first reading of the annexation agreement.

However, the city’s current proposed agreement does reflect ideas offered by the Violet Township trustees, who feel that 15 percent of the income tax and an additional $1,700 annually should be given to the township to cover the maintenance cost for the city’s portion of Stemen Road.  Currently the township and the city share Stemen Road maintenance duties.


The agreement now being considered by the city of Pickerington identifies only 10 percent of the taxes and $1,700 being awarded to the Township and all maintenance work would be preformed by Violet Township.

Furthermore, the trustees believe the township should be fully compensated for rezoning costs resulting from the annexation agreement. The city’s current proposal only partially compensates Violet Township for rezoning fees.

Violet Township Director of Operations Bill Yaple stated the township’s version of the agreement will go to the city immediately for their consideration. 

"Our hope is that the city will modify what they already have on the table," said Yaple.

Violet Township and Pickerington officials have been involved in resolving issues related to the annexation since January 2006.

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