Violet residents wary

A zoning issue brought out a big crowd at the Violet Township trustee’s Aug. 1 meeting.

The trustees held a public hearing to consider a motion adopted by the Violet Township Zoning Commission for a proposed amendment to the Violet Township zoning resolution.

Many apprehensive community members attended the hearing to voice their concerns over the proposed amendment. 

Township resident Rocco Sabatino, a stated he was concerned that this amendment was an attempt to redefine the definition of the mixed use commercial classification, a drastic change from the current land use plan. In addition Sabatino worried that citizens would not have enough input on zoning changes and would lose their right to referendum a project.


After much debate it was decided that a decision could not be reached and the hearing would be continued on Oct. 3 at the Violet Township Administrative Offices, 12970 Rustic Drive, Pickerington. 

Trustee Gary Weltlich stated that before proceeding further, a comfort level between the community and the Zoning Commission must be reached.


"We will continue to have these discussions until everyone is comfortable," said Weltlich.

According to Violet Township’s Web site, if the amendment (Case Number 02-ZC-2007) is adopted, the following textual provisions of the Violet Township zoning resolution would be made – zoning districts: revise section II to add the planned commercial mixed use district; district uses and regulations: revise section III 3N to provide for and organize the planned commercial mixed use district as a planned-unit development under the provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section


Other Violet Township news

•The Mingo Estates paving project is completed.

•The trustees awarded The Shelly Company the 2007 road maintenance contract. This contract will include resurfacing and repairing road and is estimated to cost $275,000.

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