Violet development hearing ongoing

The Violet Township trustees held a hearing to consider an application submitted by Violet Real Estate, Ltd, Richard Ricketts Esq., and Greg and Carmen Bigus on Sept. 26.

The application proposes to amend the Violet Township zoning code by amending the Violet Township zoning map, to rezone approximately 59 acres located on the east side of Hill Road, south of Busey Road.

Specifically, the applicants propose to rezone 35.2 acres from the R-2 Single Family Residential District to a (PD) Planned District to accommodate a 61 lot single family subdivision and 24 acres from the R-2 Single Family District to an R-3, low rise apartment residential district for condominium development.

The application sparked debate about its inclusion in a cooperative economic development agreement (CEDA), which the village of Canal Winchester and Violet Township have jointly formed.

Canal Winchester and Violet Township worked together to adopt a mutually agreed upon CEDA agreement which has been in place since July 2001.  


Violet Township resident Rocco Sabatino stated he had no problems with homes being built on the property in question. He voiced concern over possible violations of the township’s CEDA agreement.


"This development does not adhere to the architectural standards set forth in the agreement," said Sabatino. "I’m concerned that the CEDA agreement would be negated. Agreeing to this application would basically be the end of the CEDA and Violet Township would be the first to violate the agreement."

Violet Township attorney Bill Loveland stated that, from a legal perspective, the standards are not in violation of the CEDA agreement.


"We have communicated with Canal’s zoning inspector and his suggestions have been accommodated; they have no remaining objections," said Loveland.

Attorney of record for the project Richard Ricketts stated the CEDA concept is to provide harmony and capability in the area.

"You cannot breech an agreement when both sides agree with you," said Ricketts.  Ricketts stated that from day one the applicants have worked cooperatively with Canal Winchester and Violet Township to address any concerns.

After a lengthy presentation by proponents and opponents of the application the township trustees decided a continuance would be needed.  The hearing will resume Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the Violet Township Administrative Offices, 12970 Rustic Drive, Pickerington.

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