Village council says no to grow sites


By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

A decision has been reached in regard to the cultivation of medical marijuana in the village of Urbancrest.

At its Aug. 8 meeting, village council unanimously approved the prohibition of its growth citing concerns from residents as the primary reason for their vote.

According to councilwoman Veronica Shepherd, no resident she has spoken with spoke in favor of a medical marijuana grow site in the community.

“They said they didn’t want it here,” she explained.

She said she learned that the constituents feared an increase a crime if there were to be a grow site within the village boundaries.

“They felt it could be a springboard for things we are not used to seeing in our community,” Shepherd said.

On a personal note, she added, she also had a fear that it could bring trouble to the community.

“I felt we would see more night people in the neighborhoods.”

She described “night people” as those who prowl around at dark and look for vehicles and homes to break into.

She also said she was worried that allowing a grow site in the village could be seen as the council giving its permission for the residents to get involved in other drug activity.

“With all of the drug problems we are having in this state, it felt like we would be giving them an ok to do drugs when what we really should be doing in helping them get into rehab,” she said.

Mayor Joseph Barnes said he was pleased with the decision of the council.

“I’m from Washington D.C. and I’ve seen firsthand what a foothold any type of drugs can bring onto a community and what kind of damage it can do,” he said.

He called council’s decision to prohibit the growth of medical marijuana a wise choice.

“We’re not built to have that type of business in our community,” he said.

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