Video highlights firefighters’ year

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Messenger photo by Linda Dillman
Hamilton Township Firefighter Trenton Lucas used digital media to produce an end-of-the-year video for the department.

Instagram and TikTok have nothing on the Hamilton Township Fire Department when it comes to videos.

Hamilton Township Firefighter Trenton Lucas used the digital medium to review 2021 in style with sharp visuals accompanied by music on the township’s webpage.

“Our department typically holds an annual awards ceremony to recognize our department’s members, however, this ceremony isn’t open for the public to attend,” said Lucas. “The annual recap video provides our community public insight into what their local fire department has been involved with and accomplished throughout the year.”

Lucas came up with the idea for the video about three years ago. He said the way news and information is communicated has evolved over the years and in today’s world, online media is relied upon heavily as a source of information and connection. He wanted to capture the strong work ethic and commitment he witnessed from his fellow firefighters on a daily basis.

“I considered if a picture were to paint a thousand words, imagine what a video could show,” said Lucas, who joined the department in 2017. “A video would be able to provide an inside look into what goes on throughout the year and could highlight some of the great work our members perform every day that the public doesn’t always get to see.”

It took Lucas about a week to create and edit the video. He said he gathers pictures and videos throughout the year and selects ones that represent a wide variety of duties, from fires, medical emergencies, auto accidents to training and community service.

Lucas pointed out a few things he wanted to accomplish with the video, such as showing the Hamilton Township community the hard work and dedication of its firefighters.

“The video helps the community to get to know the faces of the department,” said Lucas. “Secondly, I hope the video serves as a historical piece. Future generations will be able to look back and see the trucks, members, and events the department was involved in that year. Lastly, I hope the video sparks an interest in people to consider a career in the fire service.”

With a movement to online media, Lucas said the department had to adapt to maintain a strong community relationship and social media provided township firefighters a tool to connect with the community.

“This form of media is a great way to distribute news in a quick and concise fashion,” Lucas said. “This can be essential in the event of widespread community disasters where our department can use social media to quickly disseminate important information to a large group of people. Besides emergency situations, we have been utilizing social media as a public education tool by posting helpful safety tips as well as featuring department news and updates. Currently we focus on public education, news and community involvement.”

In 2021, the Hamilton Township Fire Department expanded its social media presence by creating a Twitter page: @HamiltonTwpFD and continues to maintain a presence on Facebook.

Lucas felt as community demands evolve, the township must adapt to meet those needs. He said the one thing that is certain is the department’s dedication in providing the highest level of care and service to the communities they serve.

“We highly encourage residents to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, give us a like and follow,” said Lucas. “Not only can you stay up to date and connect with your local fire department, but you can also learn helpful safety tips and be notified in the event of a widespread community emergency. Our department would like to thank our residents for their continued support. It is an honor and privilege to serve such a supportive community. We are proud of our community and standby ready to answer the call.”

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