Vehicles egged in Groveport; suspects caught

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Groveport Police officers recently did some “egg-cellent” investigation into solving a case of vehicles being egged, but this not so “hard boiled” case was “over easy.”

Egging of vehicles

According to Groveport Police Sgt. Josh Short, shortly after 7 a.m. on April 8 the Groveport Police received a few calls about vehicles being egged in the Newport subdivision and Westport addition.

“This was a rather easy case to ‘crack’ due to Officer Josh Guiler’s intuitive follow up work and cooperative relationship he’s help us establish with our business friends and always supportive residents,” said Short.

Short said Groveport Police Officers responded to the calls about the eggings and, after talking with those residents and patrolling the area, officers observed a dozen or so other vehicles had been egged.

“With help from the victims, our active social media community, and residents with home cameras, we determined that this had occurred between 10-11 p.m. and were given a very detailed description of the suspect vehicle,” said Short. “Officer Guiler then went to a local business and was able to determine a suspect name based on a large quantity of eggs that had been purchased just prior to when the egging began.”

Based on that information, according to Short, Guiler went to the suspect residence outside of Groveport where a car matching the description was observed with an open carton of eggs visible on the passenger floorboard.

“Guiler made contact with the suspect, and his passenger, who both immediately confessed to what they had done when presented with available evidence,” said Short.

“They stated that one of them is leaving for the Army in a couple of weeks and they just wanted to have fun and ‘blow off some steam’ prior to his departure.”

Short said the suspects could be subject to criminal mischief and/or criminal damaging charges, “but at this time they and their families are cooperating with victims to remedy any damage done to vehicles.”

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