Vandals break into soccer building, cause damage

Photo courtesy of Gessica Peraza
Shredded sheetrock dangles from the ceiling of the PASA concession building. A vandal broke into the complex through the ceiling and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Approximately $2,000 in damage was caused after someone broke into a Pickerington Area Soccer Association (PASA) concession building.

The culprit – a bored kid, PASA administrators theorize.

On Dec. 19, PASA administrator Gessica Peraza stopped by the building near Seton Parish to retrieve some plastic containers. She unlocked the door to find gaping holes in the ceiling and debris strewn across counters and the floor, she said.

The perpetrator entered the building by upending a trashcan and climbing from it to a vending machine, she said, then entering through the ceiling.

Police took photos of the boot prints on top of the machine and inside on the counters, Peraza said, though an official police report has not been released yet.

The vandal stole change from a tampon machine torn from the wall in the women’s restroom, Peraza said. Nothing else was reported missing.

A large bag full of soft drinks remained behind because Peraza believes the thief could not heave it into the ceiling, she said.

The ceilings above the bathrooms where the thieves entered sustained structural damage as well, Peraza said. The front door and bathroom doors remained closed.

A contractor estimated the amount of damage to the ceilings and bathroom walls at $2,000.

In the eight years that Peraza has been administrator, the building has been vandalized four times, she said.

"This is unfortunately becoming a tradition at the complex during the winter breaks," she said. "It happens at PYAA (Pickerington Youth Athletic Association) as well. We need to catch whoever is doing this."

A security system will need to be added, she said, but that could mean higher costs to PASA participants.

"We try to keep the cost down as a non-profit, then this stuff happens," Peraza said.

The vandalism occurred in the evening of Dec. 18, as another PASA volunteer accounted for everything appearing normal earlier that day, Peraza said.

If anyone has information regarding the vandalism, contact the Pickerington Police Department at (614) 575-6911.

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