Valleyview talking 2009 budget

Valleyview Council will be considering what projects to work on in 2009 when the group meets in its regular session Monday, July 7.

Members met for more than an hour and a half as a finance committee Saturday evening, June 21, to discuss what projects will get attention next year. The council is looking for community comment at the July 7 meeting before a vote is taken on a tax budget.

This is a document prepared in the middle of the year when the county lets political subdivisions know the approximate amount of funds they will have to work with.

A report on how the funds will be utilized the following year has to be filed with the county by July 15, fiscal officer Barb Swartz said.

Items under consideration for 2009 include the purchase of playground equipment for a park, a new mower and a tree to continue participation in the Tree City U.S.A. program. Those expenditures would come out of the park segment of the budget.

Village officials are also looking at repairing alleys and doing street painting next year.

This tax budget also paves the way for the operating budget that Swartz will draw up so council can study it and vote on it before the end of the year. That operating budget will take effect at the start of 2009.

Last year, the village appropriated $622,000 for 2008, and with the current fiscal year half over, only about 29 percent of that money has been spent. The largest amount of expenditures comes in the fire budget. The village, without a fire department of its own, contracts with a neighboring department.

The current contract expires at the end of the year and Mayor Tom Watkins said he has already started looking into services and costs with Grandview, the city of Columbus and Franklin Township.

“It’s costing the village $49,000 a year,” he said, adding he hopes he can find the same quality service at a lower cost.

The village has started work at replacing street signs, an issue that residents have complained about for quite a while. The first sign post was erected June 21 at the corner of Elliott and Harris.

The next project to be tackled is a new wall for the village. A contract is to be voted upon at the July meeting. Council members are also looking at the possibility of purchasing a tankless water heater that is designed to save on gas.

Watkins said he has also been looking into storage spaces for village records for a short period of time. Records that had been stored in the garage were hauled out of the garage after torrential rains June 12 and 14 caused flash flooding around the village administration building.

Boxes and bins holding those records are stacked in council chambers. Meanwhile, Watkins and the council are looking into the construction of a new garage that will have some loft storage areas.

Village residents are encouraged to attend the next meeting to offer their comments and feedback. That meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Village Administration Building.

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