Valleyview passes budget, fills seat

Valleyview Council approved the budget for the coming year, showing anticipated income of $994,114 with expenditure of $630,277. General fund expenditures of $435,420 make up the biggest chunk of spending.

Also at the March 3 meeting, former member Curt Fitzpatrick returned to council to fill his vacant seat. He was one of three people who had applied for the seat and was interviewed by other members of council before recieving the appointment.

Easter preparations

Residents of Valleyview have many opportunities to get involved with village activities in the coming weeks.

The first opportunity comes March 20 when residents are asked to help the Village Council fill eggs that will be used March 22 in the village’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. Council member Marzia Helton issued the invitation to residents at the March 3 meeting. She also announced the hunt will be held in rain, snow or sunshine, but not in the event of a torrential downpour.

The stuffing will begin at 7 p.m. March 20 in the Village Hall and the hunt itself will be held two days later, at 11 a.m.

Following the hunt, residents who want to serve on council committees for the betterment of the community are invited to Village Hall at 2 p.m. March 22 when council’s three committees will be discussing plans for the coming year. Those committees are community events, public safety and zoning.

Several residents have expressed concerns about zoning issues and talked about serving on the committee chaired by Chad Radford.

Residents express concerns

Also at the meeting, many residents continued their complaints of large trucks being parked on village streets.

“What about my alley?” asked Barb Winkler, who has complained about the large trucks using the alleys, deteriorating their condition.

Mayor Tom Watkins explained that the village has a no-thru-trucks regulation, which means that semitrucks have to pass through the village, and cannot be parked there unless on specific business. He said moving vans and delivery service trucks are exempt from that regulation.

Mel Baker asked whether there was an ordinance about the location of satellite dishes.

“A renter moved in next door to me and the first thing they did was put a satellite dish in the front yard,” he said.

John Hellwege appeared satisfied when Watkins assured him the falling fence at the Dairy Mart at Hague and Valleyview had been fixed.

“That’s our Broad and High and the guy (who runs it) should make a good presentation,” he said.

Radford said he was working on a package of zoning regulations but Hellwege suggested that working toward a big piece might take too long, with residents complaining about the trucks. He suggested that zoning regulations be adopted piecemeal and Radford said he would consider it.

Even though many of those in attendance had a complaint about the appearance of the community and concern about what it does to property values, they were all in agreement and heaped praise on Watkins for getting the snow plowed and streets clear in the past few weeks.

New street signs

Council members approved a resolution to purchase street signs.

“And when will they be going up” Winkler asked.

Watkins said it would take about six weeks to get the signs and he hoped they would be installed in a week or two after they arrive.

“I want to start on the east side of the village,” he said. “Normally everything is done on other side.”

Getting involved

Helton, who chairs the community events committee, said the village’s clean up day would be held May 17. The target of the day will be the park along Valleyview Drive, cleaning out the brush and planting trees. It will also be the start of the mulch sale, she said.

The tree planting is part of the village’s participation in Tree City USA. Residents will be able to purchase trees to be planted in the memory of a loved one.

“This will help us build a park,” she said.

The area targeted for clean up has a lot of trees that have to come out, she said.

Events later in the year include the hog roast for July 19, a wiener roast Nov. 1, and the holiday lighting contest that begins Dec. 1 with winners being announced Dec. 22.

Ron Hays, chairman of the public safety committee, said he was looking into a replacement for the wall on the east side of Hague.

“That’s been an eyesore for 20 years,” Watkins commented.

Radford said he had been looking at the same issue, and Hellwege said he had started his own search. Watkins invited him to sit on a committee that will work on the project.

Council’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, April 7, in the Village Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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