Valleyview on an upswing

The village of Valleyview is making progress.

When Tom Watkins took office, the village treasury stood at $6,000. He expressed his pride at the council’s May 5 meeting when clerk Barb Swartz read the financial report, which showed a balance totaling $468,634.84.

“Just thirty-two thousand to go,” she said.

“When I took office, my goal was to build the treasury to half a million dollars,” Watkins told his council members.

“I don’t recommend spending money until we can get the best deal,” he continued. “I wanted to buy a mower last year, but we didn’t have any place to store it. I wanted to finish the garage so we have a place to put the mower.

“My vision is coming to pass,” the mayor said. “It makes me feel good.”

Speaking of the council members who have worked with him in the past few years at making improvements, he said “we give of ourselves and take time away from our families, but we are getting things done.”

Replacing the wall

Not only is finishing the garage high on the agenda, so is the decorative wall at the edge of the village.

“It’s been discussed for about twenty years,” Watkins said as he and council member Ron Hays showed off flyers of the wall they’ve selected.

The new wall is another item for summer work. This will replace the wall that has been lost over the years to age and damaged in vehicular accidents.

Although the new wall will cost about $15,000, nearly half of that amount is coming from an insurance payment received after a car hit the wall about a year ago, Watkins said.

Police department picking up

Several residents joined Watkins in praising the work in the village, especially in the increased presence of the police department.

Chief Ti Myers said officers were on duty 871.25 hours in April and drove 2,582 miles. Officers made 14 arrests, 689 business checks and 20 house checks, and issued 25 citations.

The police department in Valleyview is seeking additional auxiliary officers and has a vacancy on its force after officer John Lippian resigned to accept a position with the Groveport department. Not only did Lippian serve as a part-time officer, he was also the department IT (information technology) person.

Show me a sign

In response to questions from residents who attended the meeting, the village’s new street signs will be erected soon, probably within a month, the mayor said.

Council had passed legislation paving the way for these new signs.

“We had to wait 30 days for it to take effect,” Watkins said, adding that it takes time to place the order and have it completed.

The plan is to replace every sign in the village except those on Valleyview and Hague and the plan is to have those replaced next year.

Talking trash

Watkins said he talked with seven residents about moving their trash cans from the alley to the front of their homes along the street edge so that trash-collecting trucks aren’t going down alleys and causing further damage.

“Four agreed to move their cans and three were against the idea,” Watkins said, adding that he hopes to have special meetings with village residents where they can address concerns facing the village.

Moving the trash cans was a suggested remedy after residents had complained that the alleys were being torn up by the heavy trash-collecting trucks. Watkins pointed out that Rumpke has begun using smaller trucks in the village.

He also said the Camp Chase Railroad has received funds to erect crossing arms at the tracks on the south side of the village.

Crossing arms are to be erected at five locations, with work starting within 90 days.

Councilmember Marzia Helton said that a community-wide clean up day set for May 17 had to be moved because many residents told her they would be unavailable that day. The new date is Saturday, May 31. That will coincide with a tree-planting ceremony to make Valleyview’s joining Tree City USA.

She also said the village-wide yard sale will be held June 7 to coincide with the one that the Glenwood United Methodist Church is holding that same day.

Reaching out to residents

Helton also said the village newsletter will be delivered to residents by the end of the month and that work is progressing on the village’s planned Web site. That site will carry a dot-org extension rather than a dot-gov for cost reasons.

Council members also approved a resolution authorizing the village to enter into a contract with the Franklin County Engineers office to purchase gas at a price lower than it is at the pump.

Watkins said he had been in negotiations for quite a while and plans were finalized the Friday prior to the meeting date, warranting the legislation to be presented with an emergency clause, allowing for it to go into effect immediately.

Council’s next meeting will be Monday, June 2, at 7 p.m. in the village administration building.


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