Two-pronged plan for park improvements in West Jeff


(Posted Feb. 15, 2022)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

For 2022, park improvements in West Jefferson are split into two categories: regular maintenance/upgrade projects and a one-time major capital investment.

Each year, village leaders set aside money in the budget to cover ongoing maintenance and upgrades at the parks. The money comes from the building and grounds operating and maintenance fund.

This year, those projects include installation of sideline fencing to completely enclose Stanley Field at Converse Park. At Westwood Park, crews will install a new backstop on the T-ball field, new sideline fencing and outfield fencing on Field 3, and new material on the infields of Field 2 and Field 3. These upgrades are a continuation of similar work done at both parks over the last several years.

Separately, the village also plans to make substantial improvements at Westwood Park that include an overhaul of the tennis courts and basketball courts and installation of new playground equipment. New permanent rest rooms also could be part of the project. To complete this work, the village has set aside $600,000 from the park development fund which is reserved primarily for large capital projects.

John Mitchell, West Jefferson’s public service director, said he plans to meet with council’s parks committee in early March to work on finalizing plans for the Westwood Park capital project, including selection of specific playground equipment. Those who attend also will discuss ideas for the tennis courts. The proposal is to eliminate two of the three existing tennis courts. Pickle ball courts are a potential discussion topic.

Last year, the village made a major capital investment in Garrette Park, installing new playground equipment and a shelter house, among other improvements. That project is nearly complete. The remaining to-do items are installation of a zipline, installation of rubber padding under the new playground equipment, and landscaping.

“If we have the funding to do it, we will look at doing major rehabilitation at Converse Park in 2023 or 2024,” Mitchell said.


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