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(Posted July 6, 2023)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

In an effort to enhance the fairgoing experience, the Madison County Agricultural Society (a.k.a. Senior Fair Board) is offering new entertainment options at this year’s fair that don’t effect visitors’ pocketbooks.

“We have lined up some quality entertainment that allows folks to have fun without incurring additional cost once they’re in the fair. It’s a little treat from the Ag Society, sponsors, and others who support the fair,” said Quinton Keeran, fair board member.

NEO Extreme Games out of northeast Ohio is providing one of those options in the form of “totally crazy, totally free outdoor game adventures.” These extreme games are friendly for ages 5 and older and are free and unlimited with paid admission to the fair.

A different game will be offered each day. The offerings include:

  • Bubble Soccer–Participants are placed in giant bubbles with holes for their feet, then they roll, flip, bound, and knock people down.
  • Water Tag–This game can be best described as squirt guns meet “capture the flag.” The flag is a bucket that participants must fill with water in order to win. Additionally, players wear vests; when their vests fill with water, they’re out of the game. The tag line is: “Get ready, get set, get wet.”
  • Extreme Cornhole–A cross between putt-putt golf and cornhole, this game features boards with different shapes, different sized holes, and obstacles.
  • Gellyball–“This game combines the fun of paintball and the safety of laser tag without the reloading hassle of Nerf,” says Cain, NEO Extreme Games co-owner. Players are equipped with blasters that shoot small beads that dissolve on impact. There are two options with gellyball: blast each other or play target games.

Cain encourages anyone to give the games a try.

“All sorts of people do it. We’ve had an 82-year-old man in the bubbles before. It’s fun, it’s safe, it’s different,” he said. “Don’t be shy. Come on up and give it a try. The Madison County Fair has given you a great opportunity to have some extreme fun.”

NEO Extreme Games has been in business since 2015. They set up at an average of 30 fairs and festivals each year, as well as parties, corporate events, and fundraisers. They operate out of a 50,000 square-foot facility in Brunswick, Ohio.

NEO Extreme Sports will be at the fair eight to nine hours a day. Times will vary based on lighting and other scheduled fair activities. All participants must sign a waiver. Visit to learn more.

The 2023 Madison County Fair runs July 8-15. For a schedule of events, visit Madison County Fair.

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