Trustees welcome community liaison officer and discuss litter

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office appointed a new community liaison to Pleasant Township.

Deputy Travis Carter attended the Jan. 14 Pleasant Township board meeting to introduce himself to the trustees and to the residents in the township. Carter joined the community liaison unit in early December of last year.

Initially, Deputy Jason Ronk was assigned to Pleasant Township. However, when Carter came over, they decided to redistrict. Ronk will now cover Prairie, Norwich, and Washington townships. Carter is taking over Franklin, Jackson, and Pleasant townships.

“I am going to be your community liaison for the foreseeable future,” said Carter. “I’ve been with the sheriff’s office for 19 years. I’ve been 13 years on patrol and did about 10 of those years on the westside. So I am pretty familiar with the area down here.”

Carter did encourage the trustees and the members of the township to contact him if they had any complaints or questions and that he would try to assist them to the best of his ability.

An ongoing issue with the service The Bag was also addressed.

The Bag is a free service which distributes a plastic bag full of advertisements, coupons and flyers by hanging them on the mail boxes of individuals in Pleasant Township. The Columbus Messenger Newspapers is also a customer of The Bag, owned by Dispatch Consumer Services.

As of late, residents have reported that the bags have not been attached to the mailboxes, but rather have been tossed on the ground next to the mailboxes, creating a littering problem. This is a township-wide issue and the trustees have received numerous complaints.

Due to the wind and the rain, when tossed on the ground the bags and their contents get blown all over the place and stuck in the ground tiles creating a back up.

Previously, this issue had been resolved when Trustee Ed Sheets reported these incidences by calling the number on the bag. Once he had reported this, the service began placing the bags inside the mailboxes rather then on the ground or hanging them.

“We will start looking for them (delivery drivers),” said Carter, “and will site them for littering.”

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