Trustees weigh waste options

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

The Franklin Township trustees are considering options for township trash removal.

At a recent meeting, the board of trustees listened to a presentation by Eric DeHayes of Local Waste Services. DeHayes discussed three options the township has for trash removal in the township.

“Your first option is to go out to bid. Your second option is to join a consortium with Jackson Township, Urbancrest and Grove City and your third option is that the township doesn’t need a trash contract,” DeHayes said. “You only have a 27 percent participation rate, so going out to bid is definitely going to increase your bill.”

DeHayes also said that the township has the lowest rates in the county.

“I don’t think you need a trash contract,” DeHayes said. “I think people that want the service should get it and people who don’t want it won’t have it.”

DeHayes said if the township agrees to a consortium, everyone must participate. He also said the township would be responsible for any unpaid balances on bills. He said that anyone who doesn’t pay their bill after 90 days would have their service suspended and if they still don’t pay, the township would be responsible and would have to get the money reimbursed via property taxes.

“We have lost $150,000 worth in service in unpaid bills,” DeHayes said. “We can’t continue like this, so this is the only option.”

DeHayes said Local Waste Services cannot wait for property owners to pay up in property taxes and will need the money from the township.

“We just can’t wait that long for property taxes to come in,” he said. “I also can tell you if you do go out to bid, you are going to get very high bids because you have 2,700 homes not participating.”

DeHayes said he wants to get rid of yard waste collection in the township, saying that not enough people participate to make it worth the cost for extra trucks.

“If you continue service with us, you will see a minimal increase and we will get rid of yard waste,” he added. “But, if you do it with someone else, it is going to be a large increase and I don’t want to see you pay too much.”

DeHayes said the key to keeping the trash bills lower is getting all township residents to participate.

“The more people participate, the better rates you are going to get,” he said.

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