Trustees talk speeding, museums and more

By Noell Wolfgram Evans
Staff Writer

On Aug. 8, the Jackson Township Board of Trustees met to consider a number of issues, several dealing with the cleanliness and aesthetics of the township.

A list of residents that took minutes to read due to its lengthy nature was approved for the assessment of additional taxes which will be used to pay for trash pick-ups on their property. This is not for the normal weekly collection, but additional servicing for items that have effectively been “dumped” on the property.

A much shorter list of properties was approved for a separate set of tax assessments for overgrown yards. This collection will be used to pay for lawn maintenance.

Trustees approved a resolution to accept an update to the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) Waste Management Plan. Every five years, SWACO updates its plan and it must be reviewed and approved per Ohio code.

Trustee Stephen Bowshier said that the updates deal with such issues as education, environmental work, and some fee assessments.

Jackson Township Fire Chief Randy Little reported that a software error sent bills out to 108 residents. The department is in the process of contacting residents who were affected to let them know the bills were sent in error. Any resident who has paid already will receive a refund.

Trustees also heard from two residents. Burley Dunn had brought to the trustees at the July 11 meeting a concern over speeders in his neighborhood. Dunn returned to discuss this initial request and what was going to be done.

Trustee David Burris reported that the Franklin County prosecutor said that the Ohio Revised Code prohibits townships from installing speed bumps on township roads.

Dunn, who lives near a park, hoped that there could be a “resolution somewhere for a way for somebody to protect these children.”

Burris encouraged Dunn to take up the issue with the sheriff and also promised to work with the sheriff’s office to see if they could run radar in the area.

Bob Traphagen spoke to the trustees regarding his goal of establishing a permanent home for the Central Ohio Military Museum within the township.

Traphagen is interested in building the museum on land that is currently part of Tanglebrook Park. He would like to create an arrangement with the township that would see the museum fund the complete construction of the building and then lease it from the township for a to be determined amount.

The size of the museum building and construction schedule for this project are as yet to be determined as Traphagen first wants to receive approval from, and a commitment for the support of the museum, from the trustees.

There were a number of questions from the trustees regarding the proposal. Is the museum non-profit?

“Yes,” said Traphagen. “My goal is to have a museum where anyone can come through the door, where you wouldn’t need to pay a set price to come in. It would be donation based.”

What are you looking for from the township?

In addition to a land agreement, Traphagen said he desired a, “Working relationship with the township where we would discuss and agree on everything before moving forward,”

Is this the only location that’s been considered?

Traphagen explained that he’s looked at a number of locations, but all of them brought different sets of financial and logistical challenges. For example, Township Administrator Mike Lilly said that Grove City zoning only allows for this type of use in two areas of the city.
Traphagen has looked as far north as Fort Hayes, but his hope is to stay within this area to honor the veterans of the area.

Lilly added, “With this location, there is access to water lines, and sewer runs out there so in terms of utilities, it’s good. Zoning would also support its use.”

All of the trustees stated that they wanted to walk the property that Traphagen is proposing to use for the museum before discussing the potential opportunity in any additional detail at a future meeting.

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