Trustees talk about Narcan and moving


By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

First responders were praised for going above and beyond to protect residents from overdose. Recently, township first responders held a public training event to show residents how to give Naloxone or Narcan to someone suffering from an overdose.

The meeting was hosted by Franklin Township Assistant Fire Chief Chas Adams and Franklin Township Police Chief Byron Smith and was attended by over a dozen residents.

“There has been a surge of overdoses in Franklin Township,” said Adams. “Right now, we are responding to one or two every day.”

Attendees learned what to do if they come across a person who has overdosed and how to use Narcan.

“It was a really great event and residents really appreciated it,” said Ralph Horn, township trustee.

In other township news, at a recent board meeting, the board gave an update on the moving of all township staff to township hall at 2193 Frank Road. The staff have now been moved from 963 Harrisburg Pike to township hall.

“With the white house now vacant, we should probably suspend trash service, as well as turn of the internet and cable,” said Robyn Watkins, assistant fiscal officer.

The township moved the police and fiscal office back to the township hall saying that the township was having issues with unity when some of their staff was in the other building. They also said it was a waste of money to operate staff out of two buildings.

“Since we have had this house, it has just been a hassle,” Horn said when he originally proposed this move. “This is the best decision for the township and will bring everyone together. We need to move on this now.”

Also, at the meeting the board discussed selling several township properties. One property the township would like to sell is at 1439 Little Turtle Way for $39,900 and pay the realtor 4 percent in commission.

Currently, the township is looking at selling five properties without structures and one with a structure.

“I want to move forward on selling these properties as soon as possible,” said Aryeh Alex, township trustee.

The township has previously looked at selling the properties to neighbors who lived adjacent to the empty lots or structures, but after those conversations fell through they moved forward with hiring a realtor.

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