Trustees takes action on cardiac equipment and community center policies


By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Officials with the Prairie Township Fire Department asked the board of trustees to approve an updated version of the ALS 360 agreement with STRYKER, the township’s cardiac monitor vendor.

“The original agreement from May 2021 was for a period of 10 years at a cost of $42,250 per year, or a total of $422,500,” said Prairie Township Fire Chief Allen Scott at a recent board meeting. “The updated agreement has been reduced to $400,700 over a period of seven years, or 57,242 per year.”

This new agreement will include three new cardiac monitors, three automatic defibrillators, two Lucas (automated CPR) devices and all of the necessary software and maintenance for all the devices.

“This agreement guarantees that any new editions to any of the devices or software leased during the seven-year agreement will be free to our department,” Scott said. “If we were to purchase all of these components individually, the cost would be $581,100.”

Scott also informed township residents that they can get free reflective signs at either fire house. He added that these signs help both the fire and police departments to locate homes if there is an emergency.

In other news, officials from the township’s community center asked for approval to remove some of the COVID restrictions. Among the things they want to remove is the pool reservation policy. The policy required members of the community center to have a pool reservation.

The board approved removing this policy effective Jan. 3.

“I’m also asking for an increase to the rates for birthday parties for 2022,” said Michael Pollack, director of the community center. “This is the first rate increase since opening. This is due to increased costs for birthday party supplies and staffing. These new rates are comparable to surrounding areas.”

The previous rates were $150 for residents and $180 for non-resident for the Ohio Package (bring your own food/drink). The new rates will be $210 for residents and $250 for non-residents for the Prairie Package (all inclusive).

The township also accepted a donation from The Galloway Baseball Club in the amount of $104,570 for fencing as well as a concrete pad for the bleachers and batting cages.

“This all adds up to $114,046,” said Rob Peters, township administrator. “The remaining amount needed is $9,476, which is what was left from their donation to box out and grade the two new baseball fields.”

According to Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Burton Haren, there has been an influx of catalytic converter thefts in the township. He advised residents to park in their garage or a well-lit area to reduce the chance of theft from your vehicle.


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