Trustees express concern over number of car lots in the township

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

At a recent meeting, the Franklin Township board of trustees discussed a business proposal at 727 Harrisburg Pike.

“Presently, it’s a service and repair shop, but the new owner, who’s been in the building about six months, would like to renovate the building, refurbish it and not only maintain it as a service and repair shop, but also auto sales,” said Steve Mazer, administrator for the township. “His only hurdles are if he can get the zoning to have the auto sales as part of his business. He’s looking to redo the building, do some landscaping and just clean the property up.”

However, the trustees had concerns about using the building for this purpose.

“If we look at the area, we’re inundated with what seems like every corner many car sales lots,” said Franklin Township trustee James Leezer. “We have the one beside here that never is in compliance and constantly is utilizing the edge of the road. Nothing against this gentleman’s character or anything of that nature for wanting to open something up, but what I would ask the board is, how many more cars lots are we going to have?”

Leezer asked if there were a better used for this property.

The board agreed to table this request until further guidelines on zoning are approved by the Southwest Area Commission.

Also at the meeting, the board rescinded the resolution related to COVID-19 leave for part-time and temporary township employees. The board approved a revised COVID policy for employees.

“Basically we are just downsizing the previous policy in place to align with changes from the CDC,” said Franklin Township trustee Ralph Horn. “We are cutting down the time they need to stay at home if they test positive for COVID.”

Previously, the policy stated employees could return to work after 14 days, but now to align with the revised instructions from the CDC, employees can return after five days.

The trustees also approved spending $70,444 on a new mini excavator, as well as $12,100 on a new trailer.

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