Trustees encourage residents to apply for sewer system aid

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Residents are getting another chance to receive financial aid to connect to a new sewer system. At a recent Franklin Township meeting, the board gave an update on how residents can reapply for the program.

“If you applied for this program before and didn’t qualify, you are encouraged to apply again,” said John Fleshman, township trustee. “If you applied for the program and were selected, you are still qualified and they have said they will get to you as soon as they can.”

The program will connect residents to a new sewer system in the region.

“Some people’s financial situation may have changed, so they can reapply and see if they are eligible for financial assistance,” Fleshman said. “When some residents applied, they may have not qualified for assistance, but now they are retired or fewer people live in their home and they may be eligible now.”

The financial assistance is through the Franklin County Department of Sanitary Engineering and is for financial assistance for the Mon-E-Bak and Brown Road East sewer connection project.

“Residents who live in the Mon-E-Bak neighborhood and Brown Road East must connect to the sewer system,” said Stephen Renner, director of sanitary engineering for Franklin County. “Both areas have been identified as having severe water quality issues by Franklin County Public Health. Septic tanks in these areas are leaking and polluting the streams and rivers.”

As a result of this, Renner said it is their duty to sewer the areas, therefore a new sewer system has been built for residents in the area. However, residents will have to pay to connect to the system.

According to Renner, it will cost Franklin Township residents between $9,000 to $12,000 to connect to the new system. This affects about 600 homes.

“If you qualify, we will put a lien on the parcel and each year the lien will decrease by 10 percent,” Renner said. “By 10 years, it goes away. It is like receiving a grant.”

However, Renner said if a homeowner sells their home, they or the new homeowner will need to pay back the loan.

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