Trustees discuss sewage concerns in Pleasant Township community

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Continued sewage concerns at the Community Gardens mobile home park were discussed by the Pleasant Township trustees.

According to trustee Nancy Hunter, she is still receiving a lot of complaints about sewage issues in the area.

Residents of Community Gardens attended a board meeting this past November to share their concerns. According to recent complaints, the issues have yet to be resolved within the community.

The problem has been going on for the last several years, first gaining attention when the mobile home park was accused of dumping raw sewage into Darby Creek. In November, residents stated that their sewage problems are more extreme than ever and are affecting everyone who lives inside the community.

Residents have reported that water coming out of their faucets are colored and some reported going without water all together for weeks at a time. Other residents say sewage backs up on their property and there is a lack of sewage pumps to support the number of homes in the community.

According to the complaints received by Hunter, these issues are continuing despite the trustee’s trying to find resolution for these individuals.

Hunter said that she forwarded the recent complaints she received to the state department of commerce in an e-mail and she received a reply from stating that they will try to address some of the concerns.

“I heard back from them. They have put it in their system and they will be looking into the complaints,” Hunter said.

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