Trustees discuss bike path and Borror Road

By Noell Wolfgram Evans
Staff Writer

At a recent board meeting, the Jackson Township trustees discussed a modified Southern Grove bike path plan.

The plan, that was submitted as final, was slightly modified from what had originally been presented to trustees several months ago after meetings and discussions with representatives from the township and Grove City. The modification came in the form of a four-foot extension on the width of the connection to account for some initial concerns that the connector was too narrow for emergency vehicles.

Even with this modification, trustees expressed trepidation that the plans were not identical to other, similar, connections currently in place. This, though, was a smaller point in a larger discussion around whether there was even the potential need for a quick conversion of the connector for vehicular use in an emergency.

Trustees asked for additional time to review the proposal.

In a related discussion, several members of the public were at the meeting to speak on some traffic concerns, one of which is the proposed roundabout on Borror Road. Trustees agreed with their concerns and stated that they have already sent a letter urging that roundabout be replaced with a light and crosswalks in the interest of public safety.

Those residents also petitioned the board to see what can be done about the speed limits on Borror Road. They’d like to see the speed limit dropped from its current level of 35 miles per hour, citing a concern for their safety.

“I’m afraid to try to go to my mailbox sometimes,” one of the residents shared.

The trustees understood the concern, but felt that the real issue was enforceability. They proffered patience, as Grove City will soon annex that road.

“They will be able to get Grove City police out there to run radar,” said Trustee Dave Burris.

In other township news, the next board of trustees meeting will be Monday, Feb. 5 at 1:30 p.m.

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