Trustees consider expanding trash regulations in Prairie Township


By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Residents in Prairie Township are voicing their concerns that the new regulations regarding trash collection are not being followed.

The topic was brought up at a recent board meeting.

“What about businesses and their trash?” asked Cheryl Cornelius, township resident.

In March of last year, a resolution was approved that changed the way trash is collected in the township. The resolution put more regulations trash collection, including requiring haulers to be licensed with the township, show proof of current and valid general comprehensive liability/vehicle insurance policy, and be registered and in compliance with the requirements of the Franklin County Board of Health.

The license fee is $150 per hauler and is only valid for the year it is purchased.

Residents can still pick their own hauler, if the hauler they select is licensed with the township.

Trash is picked up on the eastside of the township on Mondays, the central part of the township on Tuesdays and the western part of the township on Wednesdays. Some of the streets that have Monday collection are Beacon Hill Road, Buena Vista Avenue and Lennox Avenue. Some of the streets that have Tuesday collection are Granada Avenue, Kuhlwein Road and Maple Way. Some of the streets that have Wednesday collection are Darby Drive, Lakefield Court and Renaa Avenue.

Residents have reported that businesses in the township are not following these new rules.
According to the township, this resolution currently does not apply to businesses.

“We are looking into potential modifications,” said Prairie Township trustee Rod Pritchard. “They are looking into this to issue citations. The businesses need to be re-informed of the zoning regulations.”

Currently, the township is working with the law director to see what it can do to modify the resolution or add a resolution for businesses.

In other news, Prairie Township Community Center Director Michael Pollack asked the board to approve renewing the community center’s annual agreement with TruGreen for lawn treatments at the community center. The board agreed to pay an annual cost $3,064 for the service. Pollack also asked the board to approve an annual maintenance fee with Vermont Systems for the software used at the community center. This software is used to track and sell passes, activities, and facility rentals. The board agreed to pay the annual fee for 2022 of $8,639.

Pollack also provided an update on membership at the community center.

“As of Dec. 31, 2021, we had 5,820 total members,” Pollack said. “Out of those members, 1,731 or 29.74 percent were township residents. Total members that are non-residents are 4,089 or 70.26 percent.”

Since the last report, the center has had 158 new members and only three members not renew their membership. They currently have a 97 percent retention rate.


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