Trustees agree to hire assistant fiscal officer

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

At a Franklin Township meeting, the trustees and the fiscal officer debated over the need for more staff in the fiscal office.

Franklin Township Fiscal Officer Mary Rhinehart asked the board to approve hiring an additional full-time staff member for the fiscal office. Last time she made this request, the motion was tabled due to financial concerns. This time, she was successful and the trustees voted to add a staff member.

“We desperately need someone for the assistant fiscal officer position,” Rhinehart said. “I know we have held off before, but I would like to ask for this again.”

Rhinehart said this person would be paid $17 an hour and work full-time.

Trustees Ralph Horn and John Fleshman voted in favor of adding an assistant fiscal officer but Aryeh Alex was opposed to the hire.

“We need more firefighters and we need to fill an administrative position in the front office,” Alex said, “Those things should be our priority right now.”

According to Rhinehart, in order to complete her tasks, she needs help.

“It takes two days alone to do the minutes from the meetings and we don’t have the ability to free up that kind of time,” Rhinehart said. “We are working at an extremely high pace and continue to run into problems with an audit we need to resolve. We will continue to have the same problems this department has previously had if we don’t get some additional help. We want to fix this situation and if we can’t get caught up, we won’t be able to.”

Fleshman said Rhinehart budgeted for this in the 2021 budget and the township has the funds to cover this position.

“Each department has to be structurally sound in their own budget,” Fleshman said.

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