Truro Township to set meeting room policy


By Tara Figurski
Staff Writer

Truro Township Administrator Jason Nicodemus is expected to present a room rental policy outlining rules and regulations for renting the meeting room at Truro Township Fire Station 161.

Nicodemus said township staff is still drafting the policy and conducting internal reviews before presenting it to the trustees on July 2 for their approval.

“We are hoping to have the draft finalized for the July meeting to have the trustees review (the ordinance),” Nicodemus said.

While groups have been using the meeting room for a number of years, the time has come to put a formal policy in place, Nicodemus said.

“We are getting asked to use the meeting room from a lot of civic organizations and various other groups,” he said. “I want to have a policy in hand so we have a name, number and more information on who is using the meeting room,” Nicodemus said.

Use of the meeting room is limited to civic organizations located in Truro Township or the city of Reynoldsburg. Groups like the American Legion, Reynoldsburg Democratic Club and several condominium associations are currently using the meeting room.

Nicodemus said the township has received requests from other organizations, like the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and families interested in using the space for birthday parties, but the township isn’t likely to rent the rooms out to those groups.

“Most likely (the meeting room) would be excluded except for civic associations, Nicodemus said.

The rental use policy contains guidelines for keeping the building secure when organizations are using the meeting room. Nicodemus said it was important to incorporate safety guidelines as the station house’s first responders.

The rental use facility also adds a disclaimer to protect the township. In the event of an emergency no one would be available to open the door to let organizations in to use the meeting room. For security purposes township administration cannot supply a pass code so groups will be notified they can use the room at their own risk.

There is no fee to use the meeting room. Even with the establishment of a rental policy civic organizations would not be charged use the meeting room, Nicodemus said.

“It is a building funded by the public so it is a public building,” Nicodemus said.

Civic organizations have also requested to use the meeting room at Station 162, located at East Livingston Avenue. However the building layout at the station is different than the building layout at 6900 E. Main St. Station 161 isn’t as secure as Station 162, according to Nicodemus.

“At Station 162 each door has a lock and needs a pass code,” he said. “At station 161 the halls are wide open and you can go into the (firefighter) dorms.”

The rough draft of the policy will be given to township trustees in July. Trustees will review the policy and provide input before adopting the new policy, Nicodemus said.

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