Truro street striping delayed

Final touches for a Truro Township project on Rodebaugh Road will have to wait until warmer weather and, as snow blankets central Ohio, it looks like the work will not be completed until next year.

Truro Road Superintendent Stan Knoderer told the Truro Township trustees at their Dec. 4 meeting that, since cold weather has set in, it is not likely striping on Rodebaugh will be finished this year.
"It requires three to four days with 40 degree or above surface temperatures," said Knoderer.
"Unless some more than ideal temperatures for Ohio weather occur, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen (until 2009)."

Trustees discussed the requirements for different types of paint-such as an oil or water blend or a thermal coat-used in striping roadways. The cost for a mile of thermal coat edge striping is approximately $3,700 and $6,800 for double yellow striping. In contrast, the cost for a mile of water or oil blend edge striping is $1,600 and $3,685 for double yellow striping.
There is a temporary yellow dash line running down the center of the road. However, Trustee Barb Strussion said she doesn’t want to let the project go unfinished without any type of edge lines.

There was some confusion regarding the contract and how Shelley and Sands perceived the township wanted the street marked. Knoderer said edge lines were in the contract, but the company was under the impression Truro Township was interested in double yellow lines, but no edge lines.

"It was their responsibility to get it done in good weather and they finished in November," said Strussion.

Trustee Pat Mahaffey added, "The weather was fine. They had plenty of time to do it."

The "drop-dead" date for completion of the road project was Nov. 14 and trustees asked to schedule a meeting with Shelley and Sands, along with engineers from E.P. Ferris, to discuss the situation and available options.

Other Truro news

•Knoderer said the township has a ready supply of road salt and the city of Reynoldsburg, through their co-op, was able to secure a supply at the previous rate of less than $50 a ton. However, depending on the number and severity of storms and with salt-saving measures in place, if additional supplies are necessary, the per ton cost could balloon to $150 a ton.

"We’re good to go, I think," said Knoderer.

•The trustees approved extending the township’s contract with Rumpke for another year of trash hauling services. The monthly cost for residents will be $16.30 and $14.67 for senior citizens.

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